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Home Watch

Everything you need to know

Home Watch Services are professional services that offer regular inspections and monitoring of a home, typically for homeowners who are away for extended periods of time.

What Does A Home Watch Service Do?

Security Alarms

We make sure your alarm system is operational. Milestone 52 will turn on the alarm and secure all entries when leaving. You can list us as an emergency contact with your alarm company and we will respond to alarms while you are out of town and unable to meet with the police.

Water Faucets

Ignoring leaky faucets can be highly detrimental to the house’s structural integrity, depending on the location of the leak.

We check all water faucets to ensure the water is not dripping once it is turned off. We perform a visual inspection of the pipes under your sinks and will alert you of any problems and if necessary, meet with your plumber for repairs. During freezing weather, we go by your house and drip the faucets.

Toilets & Tubs

Toilets can collect bacteria, which can cause stains. We flush all of the toilets to make sure they are working and to rinse the bowl of any stains.

When we flush a toilet, we do not leave the bathroom until the water is completely finished running water into the tank. We turn the water on and off in the tubs and check the surrounding areas for water leaks.


We check to see if your refrigerator is running by opening the door to see if the light comes on. If you want us to, we can clean out expired food from your refrigerator.

With a 48-hour notice, our Concierge Services can pick up your grocery and beverage orders, and deliver and stock your refrigerator and pantry before your arrival.

Water Leaks

Our Home Watch Checklist includes inspecting under sinks looking for leaks and mold caused by water damage. We will alert you immediately if we find any problems.


Because your security system may depend on your internet connection, we make sure your router is working properly and can reboot the router when necessary.

Breaker Boxes

We know how important it is not to lose electricity to your household appliances while you are away. We check your breaker box to see if any breakers have tripped, and if so, we will reset them.

Washing Machines

We will check your washing machine to ensure there is no water leaking and no unusual odors coming from the machine.

Securing Doors

We check all door entries to make sure every one of them is securely locked.

If for any reason you need your house re-keyed, we can provide you with the contact information of our priority vendor and meet with them during the process of re-keying your home.

When you hire Milestone 52, you can rest assured that all entries to your home are checked and secured.

Home Watch Services Protect Your Invetment

How well is your home protected against things that go bump in the night while you’re away.  What if a pipe bursts and floods your home?  What if that happened on the top floor of your condo and the water trickled down floor after floor.  A calamity that is more frequent than one would think. And what if your insurance denied your claim. A HomeWatch service will fulfill your insurance and strata requirements by making scheduled home check visits.

Milestone 52 provides scheduled home watch visits and services to absentee property owners in the Calgary area and in various communities throughout Alberta.  Whether your property is a primary residence, vacation home or rental property, leaving it unoccupied and unattended for periods of time is never a good idea.  Unexpected things can and do happen.  Small things like a water tank leak, broken window, or unwelcome guests, can become big things. Don’t take risks with your property while you’re away.  At Milestone 52 we will customize and tailor your services as you wish – designed and directed by you.

Check your property insurance!  It may not cover ANY damages attributed to your vacant home. Unfortunately, most homeowners do not check the ‘small print’. Insurance policies differ.  If you live in a condo strata bylaws may require that it be checked as often as every three days. Suppose an issue arises and you are unable to prove that a credible, responsible representative has checked your property with proof positive records. In that case, your insurance may prove to be NULL & VOID.


As a Canadian, I’ve always loved the term “Snowbirds” for those who head south to escape the harsh winter weather. It’s a fitting nickname, as we too are like our feathered friends who migrate for warmer climates. It’s always reassuring to know that someone you trust is keeping an eye on your property while you’re away, but it’s important to keep in mind that you need to have proof of their visits in case of any issues. Without this, your insurance could end up being null and void, which is definitely not a risk worth taking. Stay safe and enjoy your time in the sun!

Milestone 52 is a great option for those who want to ensure that their homes are well-maintained. The service will schedule visits to your home where they will perform basic maintenance tasks like running your faucets, flushing your toilets, and checking your water heater for any issues. They will also check for any strange smells or signs of rodents or insects. After each visit, Milestone 52 will provide a digital report detailing everything they did during their visit. If they notice any irregularities, they will notify you immediately and coordinate solutions as needed. This service fulfills home insurance policy and strata bylaw requirements, giving you peace of mind knowing that your home is in good hands.

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