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About Us

At Milestone 52, our main objective is to establish robust and healthy partnerships. Rather than simply employing us as your property manager, we urge you to collaborate with us in creating an incredible space that provides guests with the best experiences and assists you in achieving your financial objectives. Our enthusiasm for hospitality is evident in our approach, as we only team up with homeowners, staff, communities, and suppliers who share our vision.

Marc & Elizabeth pride themselves on being different from other property managers. Unlike the majority, we are always easily accessible, transparent about our process, and have a straightforward contract. Our website is an invaluable resource for information, data, and best practices to help you maximize your vacation rental. We firmly believe in giving homeowners the freedom to make their own decisions, and we will never ask you to sign a long-term contract that binds you to us. You are welcome to be as involved in the decision-making process as you want, and of course, you can use your property whenever you like, since it is your property after all!

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